The Greatest Story You’ll Ever Tell

This This New York Times article discusses the importance of the story you tell about your own life, and how it can affect your present happiness. According to the article, you’re more likely to see past events in a positive light, and to make future goals come true, if you tell your story in the third person.

Now Bustopher has to go finish her memoir because Bustopher is going to be a best selling author who makes millions of dollars, and Bustopher is going to live happily ever after.



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5 responses to “The Greatest Story You’ll Ever Tell

  1. LunaKit

    I am working hard to be your best favorite friend – cos I know your memoir will be great and you will make $$$$$$$ as best-selling author. Keep going, like you always have!

  2. LunaKit

    Great article – thanks.

  3. LunaKit

    PS: BTW, that book referred to in the article, by Joan Didion sucks – don’t know why it gets so much press – just because she is famous? Its extremely elitist, quite unemotional esp. for someone who supposedly wrote it to mourn her loss. The Best Day, Worst Day by Donald Hall (also about losing a spouse) is 500 times better. Great writing – all this coming from a non-writer, and not-so-avid reader.

  4. Thanks for the tip, LunaKit! I won’t put that book on my must-read list.

  5. mel

    Mel says thanks for this. She thinks it’s funny how bios are always in third person, too.

    ps. She hopes you’re doing well!

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