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While I’m on the subject of terrorism, I want to comment on Rosie O’Donnell’s quote that got her booted off The View even sooner than she otherwise would have been. I’ve only seen a few minutes of The View and I didn’t see her racist imitation of Chinese people, but I do like Rosie O’Donnell regardless. And here is the quote:

“655,000 Iraqi civilians have died. Who are the terrorists?”
-Rosie O’Donnell from The View comparing U.S. activities with Islamic terrorism

For those of you who don’t agree with her, take a look at Paulitics
and A Lunatical Landscape,  both which talk about the Lancet study (which Rosie references) and how it’s the most accurate count of Iraqi civilian deaths to date, and how the counts from other sources, including the U.N., are way off. I was skeptical when I first read about the count on A Lunatical Landscape because it was difficult for me to believe that the UN could be that far off. The New York Times had just reported the UN count of 34,452 killed during the entire year of 2006 and the Iraq Body Count was reporting 54,000 to 60,000 killed during the entire war, and I found it impossible to believe that even the liberal New York Times made no mention of the Lancet study, or the possibility that the UN count could be inaccurate.  Now I believe the Lancet study and believe LunaKit, Paul(itics) and Rosie. Take a look for yourselves. I’m sure many of you will disagree, but then some of you still don’t believe global warming really exists either.


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  1. m++

    I lost faith in body counts by the mainstream press during the marchs in early 2002. I attended the SF march, and even have my picture on the internet somewhere at one. The city was packed, and easily had over 100,000 people marching. The local press reported ~70,000. The NY times report ~45,000. The BBC reported high ~90,000. The same time London had over 1 million people marching in protest. I just found it so hard to believe that London had 1 million people, and SAN FRANCISCO had only 50,000. There were soooo many people on BART and marching all day long. From that day on, I now assume the press under reports numbers like that by about 2-5 times actual. Again, this is not scientific, this is not statistical, but I don’t see how Market St. can be packed with people wall-to-wall all day unless over 200,000 are there. I should probably do a solid Poisson model before claiming too much more…

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