How do you say “gay” in Polish?


I think this Reuters headline is hilarious:

“Poland to Probe Whether Teletubbies Are Gay.” I believe Jerry Falwell, who died two weeks ago,  declared Tinky Winky Teletubby gay back in 1999. Don’t these people have anything better to do?



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2 responses to “How do you say “gay” in Polish?

  1. m++

    The answer: homoseksualista.
    The other answer: pedal
    Not sure if the second, more common colloquial version is derogatory or not. I never got the impression that it was, but it is true that Poles in Poland are (in general) really anti-everything, and often unknowingly racist as a whole. From this strange Teletubby conversation in the Parliament, to the Rabi that got punched in the face in downtown Warsaw only a few months ago, to casual comments like “Africans should live in Africa”, the whole attitude over there (when you poke under the surface of normal day-to-day life into the underlying thinking) is surreal. They are just such a homogeneous population now — 95% white catholics, and perhaps they feel they have been through a lot. My sense/hope as a Bay Area local is that they (and the much of the rest of the world) will be forced to deal, and improve their attitudes to the only thing that makes sense for the world long term — acceptance of others. There are a few Vietnamese and other cultures assimilated in Poland now. The whole thing is just moving at a snails pace though, and often there doesn’t seem to be progress in the right direction. When Communism was around, there was an undercurrent of protest to the controls in place by that form of government. Now, freedoms have opened up, EU membership is done, and only last year I witnessed an Anti-Gay March in the Warsaw old town center. Where in the world would you see an Anti-Gay March?!?!? I guess I’ve lived near San Francisco for too long, but it really blew my mind. What do they want the Gay community to do with themselves? I really don’t get all the hate in the world — too many people trying to control other peoples lives…

  2. I remembe that anti-gay march! Very bizarre.

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