Event of the week

I am VERY excited about the two-hour Lost finale tonight! 9-11. Don’t miss it!



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6 responses to “Event of the week

  1. Oh, I’m excited too! I’m going to go set my Tivo right now. (have a meeting to attend)


    There’s also some director’s special on, called “Lost: The Answers,” right beforehand.

  2. mel

    I forgot it was 2 hours! Yippee!

  3. Wellllll…. THAT was crazy, wasn’t it? It was like a roller coaster ride at Great America. I was shrieking like a madwoman and my kids kept saying, “Mom, SHHHHHH!” I couldn’t control myself. What a trip!!

  4. It was SO good! I really thought they did a great job with everything, especially finally kicking some Other ass. I don’t know if you heard there will be just two more seasons. They had to limit it in order to plot out what would happen. I’ll send you an article about it.

  5. m++

    Yes, the violence towards Others was just so strangely satisfying — Spear gun through the heart, Roundhouse kick to the head, Scissorlock shins to the neck, Shot ’em while they’re down!

  6. And now we have to wait until next YEAR for the next episode. How will we survive?

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