For Your Viewing Enjoyment

Bridge to Las Torres

*I just realized that the first line of this post got deleted, including the link to all our photos. Here it is again:

I have finally uploaded my Patagonia photos, which you can view here. The ones labeled Patagonia 2007 are Martin’s and the ones labeled More Patagonia 2007 are mine, but really we shared cameras for several days in order to save battery power, so they’re kind of all mixed up. Except for Red Rocks 2006 and the professional wedding photos, the other galleries are still incomplete.

P.S. I’ve tried several times to upload photos to my blog today and WordPress isn’t letting me. I’m really frustrated! I also really miss Blogger’s feature that let you choose small, medium or large format for your photos. With WordPress, I have to open the photos in Photoshop, resize them, resave them, then upload them. ARGH.



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4 responses to “For Your Viewing Enjoyment

  1. No no no, bustopher, it is MUCH EASIER with WordPress! I don’t even have Photoshop. All you have to do is grab the corner square of your photo and drag it smaller or larger to the size you want. It’s mega-easy!!

  2. Please explain to me how to do this! Thank you, Susan!

  3. Okay, when you are in “Write Post” mode, you upload your photo, right? First you upload (by browsing your computer till you find then choose it). Then you choose “Full Size” and then click “Send to Editor.” (are you following me?) Then the picture will show up, probably HUGELY, in the box where you are writing your text. If you click on the photo, it will have eight little squares on it; click on one of the corner ones and you can drag it out or in to make the photo larger or smaller. WordPress also has a great FAQ so they might be able to explain it more clearly. Good luck!

  4. Thank you Susan! Now I can add pictures much more easily. It turned that my problem was that I was using Safari and those features only work in Firefox. Phew!

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