Porch Light—change of venue

Looks like Porch Light is at Cafe du Nord, not the Swedish American Hall, this month. Here is the info:

Monday, April 23
Porch Light presents:
The New Black: The Fashion Show

Perhaps our most purposefully fabulous show to date, Porchlight dips into the dramatic world of hem lengths and lapel widths to present a show all about what you wear on your back.

Stories by:

Filmmaker Cathy Begien

Joe Boxer honcho Nick Graham!

Cordarounds creator Chris Lindland!

Fashion hound Kirk Read !

Glitterlimes maven Debbie Tuch!

Writer and former model Meghan Ward !

WHERE: Cafe du Nord, 2170 Market Street
WHEN: Monday, April 23

Doors 7:00, Stories begin at 8pm

TICKETS: $12 door, also available at http://www.ticketweb.com

San Francisco’s dilettante, Cathy Begien, was born in Singapore but raised in Saudi Arabia and Southern California. She attended UC Santa Cruz for writing and then moved to San Francisco where she teamed up with the video vagabonds who found a home at Edinburgh Castle Pub. While the wee hours of the night are devoted to her arts and crafts, her days have been spent styling and window dressing for retailers such as Gucci, Gap, and currently The North Face. Begien has participated in several film festivals around the world and group shows (including The Getty Center and Angela Hanley Gallery in Los Angeles), and is represented by Winkleman Gallery in New York. When not busy hiding in her closet (her production studio is known as Closet Arts), she can be found face down on a blanket in Dolores Park.

Nicholas Graham, founder and CUO (Chief Underpants Officer) of the ubiquitous JOE BOXER brand, changed the face of fashion when he turned his “little” underwear company into one of America’s most popular lifestyle brands. A native of Calgary, Canada, Graham moved to San Francisco in 1982 to pursue a career in music. As he says, the nights were longer than his hair, and he couldn’t afford to cut either of them. So he turned his eye to fashion design and the restless pursuit of entertaining himself. Graham sold JOE BOXER in 2001 and founded The 100 Minute Company, which is involved in a wide range of projects from comedy and music promotion, film and television production, media brand development, and product design across a wide variety of industries.

Reclusive pants visionary Chris Lindland, creator of
Cordarounds , only agrees to one interview a decade, and Porchlight is honored to have him PRECISELY chart the future of fashion in our humble forum. Note: Please, no flash photography when Lindland speaks.

Kirk Read is the author of How I Learned to Snap and cohosts the open mics K’vetsh and Smack Dab. He recently returned from a 32 city tour of the U.S. with two vans full of strippers and prostitutes. He enjoys psychadelic mushrooms and cooking for large groups.

After graduating from the Rhode Island School of Design in 1996 Debbie Tuch immediately began building her Glitterlimes empire, using resin and glitter to encase fruit, snacks or just about anything in a protective shell which you can pin to your coat, your hat or your ears. Stick one on your fridge or car. Wear one on your shoes! Daringly attach to your tongue! With a goal to outfit every living human with one of these magical Glitter accessories, the fun has just begun!

Meghan Ward is a freelance writer and editor at work on her first book, a memoir titled Paris on Less Than $10,000 a Day. Meghan worked as a high-fashion model in Europe and Japan from 1988 to 1994, before returning to the U.S. to attend UCLA. Since then she has worked as a temp, a restaurant hostess, a reporter, an editor, a special ed teacher, and a French tutor. She lives in Berkeley, CA, with her husband and their two cats.



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2 responses to “Porch Light—change of venue

  1. Leah

    Good luck tomorrow Aunt Meghan! 🙂

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