Day 16: Last Day in Buenos Aires


Last day at Five Cool Rooms 

We woke up at 9, had breakfast, checked out and wandered around Palermo. There was a T-shirt I had wanted to buy and we needed to get some wine for Martin’s step-dad’s 70th birthday, but everything was closed because it was Sunday. After walking in circles and going back to the hotel to check e-mail, we met my friend Aditi’s friend Maria and her husband and son for lunch at a local cafe. The food was good, despite the gross wet dog smell near our table on the sidewalk, and Maria and Fernando were great. After lunch we stopped at the hotel to call the taxi company to see if they had found my cell phone (no luck), then took a cab with Maria and her son to get some ice cream. After two scoops on a sugar cone, we walked to the Malba modern art museum, where Maria and Martín left Meghan and Martin to fend for ourselves. The museum was wonderful, much less “Latin” than I expected, very much like any contemporary art museum you’d find in the U.S. I wrote down the names of some of the artists I liked and will add them in later.

After the museum we took a taxi back to Palermo, where we had tea in this great coffee shop/book store not far from our hotel. By that time I had started reading one of Martin’s books, “The Places In Between” by Rory Stewart, a book about a Scottish man who walked across Afghanistan through the mountains in January weeks after the Taliban fell. Great book. By that time all the shops had opened, so we bought some wine and looked at some clothes (my T-shirt was gone), then looked for a place to eat.

We had dinner at a hip bar called Pazz or something like that (the food was so-so). Our table was a sort of booth with free-standing sofas as seats. When I sat down on mine, it fell backwards off the platform the tables were sitting on and I landed much like I’d landed when the wind blew me over, lying on my back, legs in the air. Fortunately, the platform was just a few inches off the ground and I didn’t get hurt.

We took a car to the airport, checked in, flew home, and voila, end of trip!


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