Day 3: Buenos Aires to El Calafate (Patagonia)


Lunch at Bar 6 

I’m several days behind on blogging and cant figure out how to make apostrophes on this keyboard, so these posts will be a little short. Plus I’m a bit drunk because some guys from California that we ran into on our way out of the hotel offered to buy us a bottle of wine.

We spent our last day in BA eating breakfast at the hotel, searching for an ATM that worked, browsing shops and eating lunch before we left for the airport. We tried three different banks and could not, with any of our credit cards, withdraw cash. Martin finally figured out that we could take 100 pesos ($33) out at a time, so we each did three withdraws, then went hunting for an adaptor to charge our camera batteries. All the electronics-electricity-hardware stores were closed for lunch, so we stopped in a couple of shops, then went to Bar 6 for lunch ourselves. Bar 6 (which is in the Lonely Planet Guide) is a very hip bar/restaurant and since I was red meated-out, we both ordered chicken stuffed with brie with a mushroom cream sauce and rice. Yum. Next we bought our adaptor, and then returned to the hotel, where our taxi was already waiting for us.

Once at the airport, we found that our flight was delayed two hours, so we spent that time reading and tasting wine at the wine bar. We discovered that some of the good wines in Argentina (neither of us are that crazy about Malbecs, THE Argentine wine) are Nieto Sentenir Malbec, the Trumpeter Merlot and any Luigi Busca, which we haven’t tried yet.

We arrived at El Calafate’s (just figured out the apostrophe) tiny airport with its one luggage carousel, then took a shuttle to our hotel, La Loma. I learned that the airport opened in 2001 and since then El C’s population has sextupled (is that a word?) There’s development EVERYwhere in town. Our hotel was okay. It’s very old, and it shows, but it is also the only hotel in town with an indoor swimming pool and a game room (with a pool table, chess table, and poker table) that has a secret door. Just like in the movies, you push the panel of one part of a long bookcase and it revolves to send you into a hallway that leads outside into the garden. Our room was on the garden but has NO window, is very dark and depressing, etc. But it’s $50, so we’re fine with it.


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