Day 2: Buenos Aires


Five Cool Rooms 

Today was everything I had hoped for and expected out of BA. The weather was beautiful – hot and sunny- so I got to wear all those summer clothes, sunglasses and sunscreen. It was at least 2 by the time we checked into our new hotel in Palermo Viejo. Palermo Viejo is THE place to stay in BA, and our hotel, Five Cool Rooms, is wonderful. It´s modern, it´s got Internet and a jacuzzi, and it´s right in the heart of Palermo Viejo. Palermo is divided into Palermo Soho (which I think is the same as Palermo Viejo?) and Palermo Hollywood. I haven´t been to Hollywood yet, but Soho is a lot like Paris´s St. Germain neighborhood with outdoor cafes on every corner and a hundred-literally-clothing boutiques- everything from cheap T-shirts to expensive leather jackets. It´s a great *young* neighborhood (Recoleta was more like the 16th in Paris, a little too upscale for me.) Although the hotels are not much less than what you´d pay in the U.S. ($110-150), food is cheap, so we´ve been eating a ton.

Because we had b-fast at our other hotel at 1 p.m. (in the garden with the cat), we didn´t eat lunch until 6 p.m. here in Palermo. All the recommended places were closed by that time, so we had a salad and bruschetta (not at ALL bruschetta, though-it was covered with melted cheese) at a sidewalk cafe. Then at 8 we stopped at Mark´s Coffee House and Deli for tea (I´ve been ordering bagged mate cocido since I can´t find real mate anywhere) and lemon bundt cake (budin). We checked out a lot of the clothing shops, but just bought a couple of T-shirts so far. EVERY store is having a sale (they all say¨”liquidacion,” so at first we thought they were all going out of business), but we don´t want to carry anything to Patagonia, so hopefully the sales will last until we return in two weeks! Palermo, by the way, was the BA I was expecting – gorgeous, tree-lined streets, cobblestone sidewalks, grassy parks and cafes on every corner. I could live here. And the people are wonderful. They are very friendly and the women are stunning.

It´s 11:04 p.m. now, so we will head out for dinner soon. We have a place picked out nearby that has stuffed chicken breasts, risotto, etc. Looks good. And no Malbec tonight! I´m determined to find some good wine.

Tomorrow we fly to Patagonia, and I don´t know how often we´ll have access to the Internet, but I´ll check back in when I can.


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  1. take pictures for me! we have friends who went to patagonia and their pictures were BEAUTIFUL. i am so glad you are enjoying argentina! sounds fabulous.

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