The talk of the town

So the unveiling of Apple’s iPhone at the MacWorld Expo in San Francisco yesterday is the talk of CNBC and about every other media outlet today. The iPhone, which is due out in June for $499, will integrate the cell phone with the iPod with the PDA. Will you buy one?

Update: I don’t know if I’ll buy an iPhone. Maybe once it comes down in price. For me it’s important to have my phone and my PDA separate so I can write down appointments while talking to someone on the phone. With my tutoring schedule, I do this almost every day. And I rarely use my iPod, so I won’t be sad if it’s not in my purse at all times. And I could use that $500 to buy more AAPL stock!



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3 responses to “The talk of the town

  1. amy

    OK, it’s pretty ridiculous, but I was glued to SFGate’s MacWorld blog the whole day yesterday, getting the “Steve Jobs said…” updates hourly… So OK, phone + PDA + ipod, but the thing that draws me in is… the visual voicemail. How cool is that? Wow…. mark off messages you don’t want to take, it’s brilliant! Skip ahead at your own leisure simply by pressing on #3 instead of #1… wow… I’m impressed. And most importanty, why do I care again? It will be lots of years before I get one.

  2. And – duh – as Martin pointed out with a headset I should be able to talk and look up things at the same time. I still plan to wait until they come down in price, though.

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