The Week Before the Wedding

You didn’t think I’d ever get around to writing about my wedding, did you? Well, the sad part is that I’ve probably forgotten a lot of details, but I’ll do the best I can. I think it was Friday, nine days before our wedding, that we finally completed writing our ceremony and handed it over to Kasia, Martin’s sister and our officiant. Kasia got certified through the Universal Life Church online and yes, it may sound hoaky, but in the end we figured we’d rather have a friend or family member officiate the wedding than some minister (Catholic priests can’t say weddings outdoors and we were set on having our wedding at the ranch). Writing the ceremony was the most difficult thing we did to prepare for our wedding. First we had to figure out what GOES in a ceremony by asking friends and looking up ceremonies online. Then we had to make lists of readings, poems and songs we liked-then we had to WRITE the whole thing. Since we met at the rock climbing gym and had a rock climbing theme to our wedding (the tables were named after places we’d climbed and the favors were carabiner keychains that read “Rock On M+M, 8.6.06”), we decided to incorporate that into our ceremony. After much discussion and many revisions, we finished it a week later than our deadline and handed it over. Then all that was left to do were a few little things—like finish place cards for guests who RSVP’d late.


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