Berkeley has had two 3.7 earthquakes in the past two days (Did you feel them? I did.), which has me researching foreshocks because I live on the Hayward Fault, which is due for a big one (6.7-7.0) within the next 30 years. Should I wrap up the crystal and store it away where it will never get used, or should I just take a chance? I am convinced that I’m going to be around for this big earthquake, and for some odd reason, I’ve had a feeling over the past months that we are going to have an earthquake (how big I don’t know) this winter. So these little ones are kind of freaking me out, making me want to review my notes from an emergency response class I took five years ago, and making me want to buy more water and dry foodstuffs to store in the basement. For information on earthquake preparedness, click here.

Update: Make that three. We had another, 3.5, this morning. Is the big one coming?




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3 responses to “Quakes

  1. amy

    well, at least for now it doesn’t mean anything… see http://sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2006/12/24/QUAKE.TMP
    weird, though, and kinda gets you thinking… thanks for the preparedness info.

  2. m++

    Wow, that’s a great link. Very scientific and conclusive. The problem with statistics is that it is so easy to vacillate in a quantum state between being at ease and totally freaking out. They say not to worry, but… I wonder what the probability is to have three quakes in three days. The 27% chance of a big one on the Hayward line in the next 25 years is pretty intense. Of course you could see it as a 73% chance of getting safely through to retirement.

  3. Thanks, Amy, for that article. I do think these little quakes are great reminders that we should prepare ourselves for a big one NOW, so please do take a look at the earthquake preparedness information everyone!

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