You know your book is too long when …

… an error warning pops up that reads:

There are too many spelling and grammatical errors in this document to continue displaying them. To check for spelling and grammatical errors, please select Spelling and Grammar from the Tools pull-down menu.

That happened at 494 pages.



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3 responses to “You know your book is too long when …

  1. in the business world we call that a “high class problem” 🙂

    ie., a problem many people wish to have, a problem that says you’ve hit a huge milestone! congratulations on getting past p. 494!

  2. Thanks, Christine! I’ll try not to think of my endless spelling and grammatical errors, although I think most of them are foreign words and proper names.

  3. Philip F.


    Got the same error on a document of 40 pages, even though there were no mistakes in the document.

    This problem is observed in scientific documents which refer to many authors which are not in the dictionary. It may also be due to inline equations. Word often sees equations as grammatical error since they have spaces on each side.

    The problem may be avoided temperarely by pressing update equations, if you are using MathType.

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