New Yorker Pileup

What do you do with your New Yorkers? It’s rare that I manage to read the fiction story every week, let alone the rest of the magazine, so I save all mine – for a while. Then, as the pile mounts in my living room and then is transferred to the basement, I wonder, “At what point do I throw them out?” Do I become a library and keep every back issue? Do I throw each issue out after I’ve read it? Do I keep my favorite ones for reference? Do I keep one year’s worth (52 issues?) Help! What do YOU do with your New Yorkers?



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8 responses to “New Yorker Pileup

  1. You married into a fairly cluttered basement already, so I suggest you order The Complete New Yorker for $60, all 81 years of the magazine on 9 DVD’s, and save that space for things that can’t be stored so efficiently (like guitar amps :)!

  2. This is what I do. I save them in a tottering tower until it is about three feet tall. Then I spend an afternoon going through them and cutting out any really good cartoons (esp ones about writing) and stories/articles. For a long time I had eight rotating frames in my bathroom and I would put the NYer covers in there. They make great art.

    Which reminds me. There are now about four towers in my room. It must be time. I have the DVD set, too, so that helps a little bit, but some things I like to file physically.

  3. I didn’t know the Complete New Yorker was that cheap! Maybe that’s the way to go, although I also need to find a way to organize all my CDs, too. I have boxes of music CDs that I don’t use because they’re on my iPod; I have boxes of floppy discs, and data CDs and a couple of external hard drives, which reminds me, Jon, that I owe you your hard drive holder …

  4. Um. they are in piles all over the house. i have an archive of several years back on my living room bookshelves! i guess if you’re doing the same, they are not going to be rare collectibles anytime soon. 🙂

    i’m finding that the extra new yorkers are also finding their way to our vacation house. boy oh boy.

    i guess i should throw some of them away, but they feel so precious! just the other day i found an old new yorker from the early 1990’s, and it had a review of “Beavis and Butthead” in it–so priceless!

  5. So every six months or so, I unleash my growing pile, and give them to someone I work with who I know wants to read them but gratefully never bugs me about them… but I keep my favs of course!

  6. ani

    Simple…you give it to a friend (me), who throws it out when he’s done with it.

  7. I had to stop subscribing partly bc they were taking over our house! I STILL have copies in baskets and stuff, and I STILL find cool stuff in them to read, umm, circa like 2002.

    I’ve actually been thinking about getting the NYer again, but for now am content to buy issues when I can, and just keep plowing through the old ones.

    But yeah, I rarely get through a whole magazine in a week! There’s just too much stuff (good stuff, but a lot of it).

  8. It’s kind of ridiculous how little I read of my New Yorkers. You can have them all, Ani!

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