I’m studying for the GRE! I don’t need to take the GRE to get into grad school (I already went to grad school), but because I tutor the SAT and sometimes get requests to tutor the GRE, I decided to go ahead and take it myself. (Often when I say I tutor the GRE, students ask me what score I got when I took the test, so now I’ll be able to tell them.) Being the geek that I am, I really like studying for the GRE, although it’s kind of sad that I’m better at the math sections than the verbal sections. I was always better at math, and my mom wanted me to be a dentist or a doctor, but I liked writing much better. I do okay on the vocabulary, but the reading comprehension I find so difficult. The readings are so dense and difficult to follow, and the questions are complex, too. I feel like I’m doing some complicated IQ test every time I read one of them. (They do say that the GRE is a good test of IQ, so I guess that IS what I’m doing.)

My word of the day: Minatory: menacing, threatening


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