A lot of people have themed blogs – photo blogs or recipe blogs or writing blogs or music blogs, and mine is just all over the place. I write about writing, rock climbing, wine, food, family, friends, events, you name it. Sometimes I feel like I need a theme, but then I’d have to write about the same topic all the time. It’s the same reason I tutor all different subjects. I think I’d get bored writing just about writing all the time, or just about rock climbing, or just about wine.



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4 responses to “Blogging

  1. I think mine is all over the place too, and that’s just fine. I know that some people “tune out” when I write about writing, or adoption, or the Oakland A’s or whatever, and for others, that’s exactly what they want to read. It’s interesting for me to see how my readership spikes up or falls flat depending on the topic. But I can’t see blogging about just one thing, either.

  2. you shoudl write about whatever you want to write about! that’s what has been for so many years. and it’s much more popular than my “singularly themed” blogs. 🙂

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