The Aristrocrats

Saw an awful movie over the weekend – The Aristrocrats. I hate renting movies from video stores since I have Netflix, and it’s so much more convenient (and since it has a much better selection), but we’d watched all of our Netflix movies and wanted to see something else. We were hoping to rent The Notorious Betty Paige, but it was out both at Front Row and Blockbuster (I’m too lazy to drive to Reel), so we ended up renting the Aristocrats. I thought it would be funny and would be good for me to laugh since I was having a bad weekend, but it was just crass and vulgar and not at all funny. If you know The Aristrocrats joke (the title is actually the punch line), you know that the point is to improvise the story and to make it as vulgar as you possibly can. And they did – from Jason Alexander and Whoopi Goldberg to George Carlin and Don Rickles. Okay, I have to admit there were a few funny moments, but overall the joke is awful and the movie was as awful as the joke.

Speaking of comedians, last time Martin and I were in Vegas (to rock climb in April) we came out of one hotel (I forget which now) and there was Carrot Top standing there waiting for a taxi. Martin couldn’t believe how buffed he was.


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