That Time of Year

It’s the time of year to stave off colds. Two weeks ago, it was chilly and gray. Last week it was warm and sunny. This week it’s chilly and gray again, and I have no energy to do anything that requires getting up off the couch. I am happy to read, to write, to watch movies or surf the Internet, but my body feels like a lead weight. I don’t want to clean or cook or exercise or go outside. All I want to do is lie here and rest – and yet I’m not sick. Maybe I’m fighting off an impending cold?

In other news: I made it halfway through Murderball last night, a documentary about quadriplegic rugby. I highly recommend it, although I can’t say how it ends because I fell asleep before it was over. I’ll watch the rest tonight.

I am trying to add YouTube to my blog, but have been unsuccessful so far. Will keep trying.

I have joined SmugMug and am currently uploading all my photos. It’s a great site that allows you to share high resolution photos for just $40/year. Well worth it.

Attending a family BBQ today. I’m happy I won’t have to do any work. In one hour I’ll have to get dressed and get in the car. Otherwise, my only job today is to eat, drink and be merry. (I LOVE attending BBQs, dinners and parties because I love to eat and drink without having to do any work.)


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