Back on the Stopwatch

This week I started a new writing schedule-three hours a day-or 20 hours per week. I started on Wednesday and I am up to nine hours so far. It usually takes me five hours on the computer to write for three because of all the e-mail and Internet distractions. That’s why on Thursday I walked down to the pub to write. The pub on Solano in North Berkeley is my second home. But I drink tea there, so it’s not as bad as it sounds. I LOVE the pub. I tutor there, write there, and play board games there on Sunday nights. I’ll blog more about the pub one of these days, and take some photos of it. Meanwhile, I’ve been very tired the past few days from all the writing. Writing is more tiring than climbing or running or tutoring or reading (although tutoring several hours in one day wears me out, too). Still, I need to finish my book this fall, so I need to stick to this schedule. And there’s no reason why I shouldn’t. I’m done with school. The wedding is over. I work less than 20 hours per week. So now it’s time. Time to finish the book, get an agent, sell the damn thing and be done with it so I can start writing some fiction.



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4 responses to “Back on the Stopwatch

  1. you are so disciplined! i remember at your wedding, there was this one woman who commented after i mentioned i went to school with you and have a novel in progress, “Why does it take so long? I have a friend who write a novel like THAT, and she didn’t even get an MFA.”

    there is such a pressure to produce! but if anyone can slam out a finished book you can!

  2. I wonder who that was? I suppose there ARE some people who write a lot more quickly than we do. I’m not one of them! And I’m really NOT disciplined at all. I do this every six months or so. In fact, aside from short stories for workshop and writing a book proposal, I’ve barely touched my book since January.

  3. It was the wife of an invited guest. It was clear that she blurts stuff like this out all the time because her husband tried to stop her from talking, right BEFORE she said this!

    But let’s show them all that our MFA was worth it and that we can do it!

    You are still one of the most disciplined people i know, despite your self perception. 🙂

  4. We’ll show ’em! And thanks for your vote of confidence!

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