Friendship has many faces

A friend of mine is upset with me – doesn’t want to come to my wedding partly because she says she doesn’t feel she’s a part of my life anymore. I drove a long ways to her birthday dinner back in November, and she came to our wine tasting party in February, but I haven’t seen her since and that’s mostly my fault because a few weeks ago when we did make tentative plans to see a movie, I completely forgot and never called her. We had no firm plans, so it wasn’t in my calendar, not that that’s an excuse. I just have so much going on right now that sometimes I need someone to e-mail me or call me a couple of times before plans are firm and in my Palm Pilot. I tried to explain that I am insanely busy (nearly fainted while driving-if that’s possible-from stress, remember?), that I just graduated, am working on a book proposal and planning a wedding, that I hardly see my friends who live three miles away and she lives much farther, but she is still upset and doesn’t want to make plans with me or come to my wedding. I guess there’s not much I can do about it. I wish her well and hope that some day she will stop being angry with me and give me a call. I have friends that I talk to very seldom, that I see once a year, or not for many years, but we are still close friends and I am always excited to see them when I do and I always wish we lived closer so we could see each other more often. In fact, I have two close friends from Michigan, whom I only see once a year at Christmas, who are flying out for our wedding. I have another friend in Seattle, whom I haven’t seen in four years, who is also hoping to come. I have a friend in Paris whom I saw last summer for the first time in TEN years and whom I can’t wait to visit again. All this to say that friendship has many faces – friends who only call when they’re in town, friends who send Christmas cards once a year, friends you don’t talk to at all for years and friends whom you see once a week or once a month or e-mail ten times a day. I’m very thankful for all those friends.


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  1. OMG! I am glad you are counting the many friends you have. It is sort of tragic and interesting all at once to see what fallout occurs with the wedding invitation list.

    Sorry you have to go through it!

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