Bridezilla Two

I’ve been so stressed out lately. I haven’t been sleeping well, and I almost fainted while driving yesterday. I was on my way to pick up my dress from the alterations woman and I got stomach cramps so badly I had to pull into the Long’s parking lot and put my head between my knees. All this wedding planning is just too much stress. No matter how much I do, there’s still a ton more. So far I have:

Booked …
The venue
The photographer
The cake
The flowers
The DJ
The ceremony musicians

The dress (and fitted it and altered it)
Candles for the tables

A make-up trial
A registry at four places (not done yet)
A wedding website
Room assignments for the ranch
Ordered wine country brochures
Planned the day after the wedding, and the day before

Looked at…
Name and table place cards

Colors for linens
Favors (yes, I’m even doing favors! What has become of me?!)
Names (yes, names!) for the dinner tables
The cake
The menu

But I still need to:
Finish making the invites and mail them
Finish putting together out-of-towner packets and mail them
Buy shoes and jewelry
Do something with my hair
Create a music playlist
Write the ceremony
Write my vows
Shop for rings
Visit hotels and choose hotels people can stay in
Get a marriage license
Make the guest book
Buy lanterns

It never ends! And I’m getting so little writing done. Sheesh!



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3 responses to “Bridezilla Two

  1. Meghan–! You will be okay! πŸ™‚ I think everything sounds beautiful and I’m amazed you are undertaking everything yourself!

    I send you many positive thoughts from Hedgebrook, where I am thinking of you. I asked myself often while wedding planning, “Will it matter a year from now?” It helped me, maybe it will help you?

    I think it’s time for a massage at the spa for you. πŸ™‚

  2. Ah yes, massage would be nice. I think once I get the invites and out-of-towner packets out (because I feel they are already late), then I can relax. I really don’t have much else (besides little stuff) to do after that. Thanks for your positive thoughts and I wish I were chilling at Hedgebrook right now! I have done so little writing lately and I really miss it.

  3. Weddings are so much work. I hope you have someone to be a sounding board, confidante, advisor, quasi-therapist.

    Good luck! (and yeah spa time would be good, too)

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