Lost and Found

Mills just sent out an e-mail with a list of everything in the Lost and Found, so students could retrieve their things before the school year ends and they throw everything out. I am AMAZED at the list of things in Lost and Found that no one has retrieved and equally amazed that they took the time to type everything out. Here is the list for Keys ALONE. Then there are categories for discs, books, notebooks, reading glasses, sunglasses, glasses cases, watches, gloves, sweaters, sweatshirts, scarves, hats, bags and purses, other clothing, earrings, rings, necklaces … and the list goes on. WOW. I should go shopping there tomorrow. My favorite is the one that says, “5 misc. keys and key ring that says “Look … my key ring says SHIT” ”


– Volvo keys with orangish-yellow tag, in Children’s School, 12/14/05
– Black Chevy car key, in Mills Hall 9/15/05
– Copper-colored key, possibly to a vehicle, only marking is H76m
– Key “Curtis” black w/green tag
– Axxess+ on black wrist strap
– Keys with Subaru key, with “Spa fitness Centers” tag
– Key set with silver carbineer, black car key and bike lock key
– 3 pool keys on a Lake Tahoe key ring, 4/14/06
– Keys with blue carbineer and small compass and yellow tag, found in
library 5/9/05
– Key chain with “Fubu 05” lanyard with three keys and photo of child
keychain, 4/3/06
– Honda key and clicker, “Club” key, 2 other and blue bracelet on key
ring, 11/16/05
– Key to WO computer room, found in WO, 10/19/05
– Four small keys on ring with blue clip “waterfrontplaza.com” cleaner,
– “CH 751” key
– Lexus key, 2/13/06
– Mary Morse old front door key, in Founders 11/3/05
– Black Scion key, in Kimball 10/11/05
– Black Volvo key, other key with round keychain with bell, 4/11/06
– Key set with 2 kwikset keys, two AA Lock keys, one glow in the dark
tag, and round metal tag, 1/4/06
– 3 Mills keys on ring, 110/Px, #5, OMC, in Orchard Meadow computer lab,
– Single silver ILCO 1003a key, in CPM near 101 3/9/06
– “Curtis” vehicle key with black plastic top, in Mills Hall 12/5/05
– Bronze colored Schlage key with yellow rubber marker, 5/1/06
– Key set with Toyota key and clicker, kwikset key, other key and small
key on Nine West keychain, 3/9/06
– Mills keys (to Commuter Lounge and RC 178) on Kauai keychain, 11/8/05
– Key set with black leather Jeep logo keychain, Reel video tag, silver
“the Club” key, and one misc. key, found in Tea Shop
– 2 misc. keys on ring with red ribbon tied on, in library 4/18/06
– Keyset with 300ZX car key, 5 misc. keys and key ring that says “Look…
my key ring says SHIT”
– Keyset with one VW key, one bike lock key, one misc. key, toe nail
clipper and Canada Key chain
– Keyset with Ford key, clicker, one small misc. key, pink flashlight,
and Aloha Hawaii key chain
– Keyset with Strattec car key, clicker, VW key, two misc. keys and
happy face ring
– Keyset with three Assexx+ vehicle keys, one misc. “W” key and brown
leather Canada key chain, 8/26/05
– Keyset with gray topped car key, three small misc. keys, clicker,
“Prudence au Volant/Drivesafe” tag and brown leather key chain
– Blue lanyard with key ring, no keys
– Keyset with three misc. keys, one teal-top key (possibly a vehicle
key” and Bad Boys Bail Bonds black and teal strap
– Keyset with Toyota key, clicker, and red marked misc. key
– Single flowery key on Jackson Hole key ring
– Keyset with black car key, misc. blue marked key, clicker, blue “FW
Olin Library” flashlight, and Lake Tahoe key ring
– Clicker, no ring
– Keyset with seven keys, several being vehicle keys, key chain with
“Mills CL-DT” and bar-coded tag
– Keyset with black-top Cadillac key, clicker, and “Symes Cadillac” key
– Keyset with black Volvo key, clicker, and misc. key
– Keyset with “Cole” black-top vehicle key, two misc. Cole keys, and
silver ovular solid brass key chain
– Keyset with black Nissan key and “W” key
– Keyset with black-top vehicle key, bike lock key, four misc. keys (one
with green marker)
– Single green-marked key on ring
– Single copper-colored unmarked key on ring
– Keyset with black-top Subaru car key, four misc. keys, one tiny key,
clicker and Rite Aid tag
– Key ring with silver clasp, no keys
– Keyset with black-top vehicle key, three misc. keys, and Castro Valley
Storage West flashlight key chain
– Black-top BMW key with built-in clicker, on fusion.com bottle-opener
key chain
– Keyset black-top Chevy key, misc. vehicle key, misc. key, and bike
lock key. Found near Prospect Hill apts, 5/10/04
– Keyset with black-top Honda key, two misc. keys and San Andres islands
key chain
– Keyset with black-top vehicle key, misc. vehicle key, two silver keys
and one small copper key
– Single “W” key on ring with Albertson’s card, found 9/9/05
– Black KARR clicker
– Black-top Toyota key, broken top, no ring
– Misc. silver key from Ace on ring
– Black-top Chrysler key
– Ring with two small keys and Albertson’s tag


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