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Backpacking in Butano

I don’t have time to write much today because I have a lot of editing to do, so I am posting a few pix from my weekend backpacking in Butano State Park instead. It felt great to get outdoors, and I was reminded how much fun (and mellow compared to rock climbing) backpacking is.

Jenn, Aditi and I

Cori, Renee and Jenn


Jenn taking a rest


Cori and Renee

Beautiful Butano


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Ah, childhood

On my way back from a florist in St. Helena, near Calistoga, yesterday morning, I stopped at Starbucks to drink some tea and eat a fruit and cheese danish. When I saw the New York Times sitting there, I missed those days when I had time to sit down and read a real newspaper, instead of just headlines online. So I bought the Times and plopped myself in an armchair next to a window. Next to me sat two kids – one about 15 and one about 10. “I can get a good one for about 200 bucks,” the 10-year-old said. “But you have to know the right people. My dad bought this really nice watch and necklace for my mom and guess how much he paid? 246. They know these people …”

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Will the real Bustopher Jones please stand up?

All of these women are named “Bustopher Jones”!


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Midweek Excitement

As I was walking from the SF Flower Mart (where I went to get ideas for flowers for our wedding) back to the Grotto at about noon today, a truck across the steet from me cut a corner too close and clipped the fire hydrant. Water sprayed out from beneath the truck until he drove off the hydrant, resulting in a 30-foot geyser. Then everyone standing nearby held up their phones to take a picture. I was one of them.


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Bustopher Jones, MFA

Well, after the MFA reading Friday night and graduation Saturday morning, I finally have my MFA. And now it’s time for summer! I have a million plans for this summer, including planning a wedding, finishing (writing) my book, and lots and lots of reading. Something else I’d like to do, partly to make reading outside more enjoyable, is fix up the gardens in the backyard. We don’t use the backyard, so the grass is worn or weedy in spots, and the gardens are unkempt. And I feel like I’m wasting my time in the garden when I could be reading a book. SO, I decided to kill two birds with one stone and rent books on CD and listen to them on my iPod while working out in the yard. Then it occurred to me to check the Berkeley Public Library so I wouldn’t spend a fortune buying audio CDs (which I can’t get used, like I can print books), and I discovered that I don’t even have to rent them. With my Berkeley Public Library card, I can download audiobooks from the Internet for free. So, five minutes ago I downloaded Daisy Miller (which I must reread after reading The Master). Now I just need my sunscreen, my sun hat, some knee pads and a cup of lemonade, and I’ll be all ready to go.


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Final Project Photos

Okay, after my long post about my final Book Binding project, here are some pictures of it. First is the box. Inside each window is a book inside another box, with a ribbon to pull it out. In the middle is the door, behind which is the “colophon,” a sheet of paper with my name and the date. The photos inside the books are ones I took of friends who spent a Saturday posing in our spare bedroom.

Close up on a window of the house

The Dad-a kodex book

The Mom-a tunnel book

The son-a carousel concertina

The daughter-a concertina

Concertina close up

The baby-a Jacob’s Ladder-remember playing with these as a kid?


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Graduate MFA Reading

Before I forget, the Mills College Graduate MFA Reading is this Friday, May 12, from 5 to 9:30 p.m. and I will be reading FIRST. I guess that’s because I RSVP’d for a spot first. I’m happy to get it overwith early in the evening, although I haven’t even decided what I’m going to read yet. Everyone’s invited, so bring your dogs, your chickens, your headless snakes and your kids for some cheese, crackers, wine and good entertainment.

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