One Big Happy Family

Housewife Kari

Rebellious daughter

Bad-ass son

Cute baby

Dad with his Barbies

Sometimes we pretend to be things we aren’t, like on Halloween when I pretend to be a rock star or Howard Stern. Last night, I pretended to be a photographer. I dusted off my old Nikon; bought some Tri-X 400 film, purchased a nine-foot backdrop and rented a hot light kit. Hot lights, you’re wondering. What are those? I was wondering, too. What do I do with this umbrella and this screen and why are there no bulbs? Well, I found the bulbs, attached the umbrella and shot away. And I learned something valuable in the process. Hot lights are yellow. Natural light is blue. So if you shoot with hot lights without a blue filter, everything looks a little yellow. (I can’t attach filters to my lens because the plastic is cracked at the end, so my lighting turned out pretty awful. But I had fabulous models and I’m hoping the print photos (here I’ve posted the digital backups) will turn out great.) This shoot, by the way, was for my final project for my Book Binding class. Preparing for it felt like preparing to lead a .10c – a frightening uknown. Friday I led a really overhanging .10c in the gym and hung about four times, so I figured the worst thing that could happen is that the print photos look terrible and I have to use the digital backups. Not the end of the world. They’re going to be tiny anyway.

By the way, Barbies are a total pain to unwrap. They’re tied into their boxes with a gazillion strings and wires, and their hair is actually sewn to the cardboard insert. I’m assuming that’s so there’s no way to return them once they’ve been taken out of the box.


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