This weekend I will be doing a photo shoot of a family (mom, dad, son, daughter and baby) and their secrets. The family isn’t a real family, although they do happen to be related, and their secrets aren’t real either. This is for my final book binding project. The assigment is to depict public and private space by combining two (or more) books in one. I am building a box in the shape of a house with five windows. In each window will be the smiling face of one of the family members. Behind that smiling face (when you open the window) will be a small structural book – each one different – illustrating that person’s secret or secrets. The books will vary in structure. One will be a tunnel book, another a carousel concertina and so on. Each one will be illustrated with black and white photos, so I need secrets that can be photographed. For example, the boy (who will look tough in the window) will be a cross-dressing ballerina (wearing a tutu.) the problem is that I don’t want the secrets to be too cliché. My first thoughts were abuse, gambling, cutting, etc. but I’d rather think of some that are less depressing. I’ve skimmed PostSecret, but still need some more ideas for the mom, the dad and the teenage daughter. Got any?



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2 responses to “Secrets

  1. OMG! THAT is a fantastic idea! I commend you for coming up with the concept.

    Daughter’s Secrets: she’s flunking math…she secretly likes brussel sprouts, she really does like how she looks she just pretends to hate herself, she went out last night late with friends…

    Father’s secrets: he goes to strip clubs at lunchtime, he has a speeding ticket he’s told no one about, he’s getting his wife a diamon bracelet…

    Mother’s secrets: she has a secret bank account where she’s saving money…

    It was fun just thinking these up.

  2. Thanks! I love everyone’s ideas.

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