Tragic Trip to Tilden

I wish I had a photo of this, but I’ve only recently begun carrying my camera with me. The day after the Day Spa from Hell, Martin and I decided to drop by Tilden to see if Lake Anza was open yet. I’ve been dying to go swimming and never have time to go to the pool while I’m at school. We arrived to find the path occluded by a giant puddle, so Martin suggested we cut across the grassy field straight to the stairs that lead down to the lake. I was wearing flip-flops becasue we were on our way home from a yoga class. Halfway across the field I realized my flip flops were flinging mud not only onto my calves but all the way up my pants to my butt. I took them off and ran the rest of the way through the muddy grass barefoot. Once at the lake, I dipped my feet and shoes in the water to wash them off. I was cold, wet and muddy and ready to get back in the car. On the way back to the parking lot we took a different paved path to avoid the field and the puddle and just as I was about to step over a ridge into the parking lot, my flip flop hydroplaned on the wet ashphalt and down I went, flat on my back. I hit the ground so hard and fast that I just lay there in the water crying. Martin helped me up and I limped back to the car wet and muddy from head to toe. “I hate Tilden,” I told him and went home to take a hot bath.


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  1. oh…i hope you feel better now. it never feels good to fall and feel betrayed by what seems to be such a wonderful environment.

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