Hungry Ferret

There is a hungry ferret living in my intestines. He gnaws on them until I sedate him with Ibuprofen, then it wears off and he wakes up, hungrier than ever. I had plans to rock climb today, to meet a friend for lunch and a client for tea, to tutor for three hours and to visit friends tonight. Instead I have watched the first four episodes of the first season of Project Runway because I can’t get up off the couch. I was up and down all night with these knife-like pains in my abdomen. They’re milder now, but it still hurts to walk. I don’t know what I have, but I wish it would go away. At least I’m getting some reading done and finally starting on my taxes (I don’t usually wait this long to do them!). When I feel better I’ll write about the Belle & Sebastian concert, the Strokes concert, my Tragic Trip to Tilden, and the Day Spa from Hell.


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