Nothing Better To Do

Tonight I received an e-mail from a “John Smith” accusing me of spamming CraigsList, which was the result of my posting tutoring ads for the various subjects I teach – French classes, French tutoring, SAT tutoring, Writing tutoring, etc. Here is John’s e-mail: “I’m not sure about your tutoring skills, but you seem to be an “excellent” spammer. Please stop so the rest of us have a fair chance at getting our ads seen.” The last time I posted a CL ad was Feb. 13, but I guess that’s too often for John. Last month I also got a call from a woman who felt it was her duty to point out to me that there was a typo in one of my ads and that I had no business charging that kind of money if I couldn’t even proofread my own ads. Then, oh and by the way, how much did I make, did I get enough work to do that full time, etc. I kindly thanked the (crazy) woman for letting me know about the typo and told her that since she obviously had no interest in hiring me, I had to hang up the phone. Two months ago I had a woman on a sidewalk in Montclair yell at me for making a left turn into a parking spot, while the correct thing would have been to go to the end of the block, then do a u-turn and come back to the spot. Ever since that happened, I’ve gone to the end of the block and done the u-turn, and every time someone behind me has made a left turn into the spot before I could get to it. It seems that a lot of people have nothing better to do with their lives than to police others. Isn’t that sad. I wish you, John, and you, crazy woman, and you, police woman, find happier ways to spend your days than pointing out the faults of others.


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  1. Yes! Say it, sister! Amen! I run into “them” all the time. I want to slap them SO hard.

    And they can’t take what they dish, either. They won’t accept apologies, they won’t accept any commentary. They just want to broadcast.

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