Where Have I Been?

At the Bindery! I was there until 1 a.m. Tuesday morning, 1-4 p.m. Tuesday afternoon, 8 to 11:30 p.m. Tuesday night, then again Wednesday morning to finish a project that was due Thursday. The result was this book. I still have to trim the pages that are sticking out of binding (oops), but it’s 95% done. Book binding has been an incredible amount of work – six hours in class every week and a project due every two weeks that takes 20-30 hours to complete. It’s so much fun, though. I love cutting, pasting and sewing (I LOVE the sewing part and it was so meditative sitting there sewing this book until 11:30 Tuesday night while listening to the local jazz station with two of my classmates. And I’m never the last to leave, even when I’m there until 1 a.m.! So far this semester we have learned the case binding, the hardcover binding, the coptic, the long stitch, the freestyle long stitch and now we’re learning how to make leather bindings that are rounded with ridges the way old-fashioned books were bound. The rounding was pretty easy and the ridges were just a matter of sewing hemp cord into the spine, but the leather is a pain in the ass. When we’re done, though, we’re going to make a box for it, do our final projects and be finished! For my final project I can pick one of three assignments. The one I’ve chosen (although I haven’t designed it yet and need to do so by the end of spring break) is a book within a book that somehow illustrates private space and public space. I can’t wait until final presentations because there are so many wonderfully creative people in the class. How fun to take an art class and do something other than type or wash dishes with my hands!


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  1. It’s gorgeous! Wow.

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