Spring Break!

It’s Spring Break! I am SO excited to have a week off, even if my week “off” consists of wedding planning, doing my taxes and designing my final project for Book Binding. Today I slept in until 9:30, watched a movie, then very leisurely ran some errands – not the manic way I usually run errands as many as possible as quickly as possible – but slowly and leisurely, taking time to shop for things I need and browse for things I don’t need. It was heavenly not to have a deadline, not to have to be anywhere at any particular time. So even though I need to get my wedding dress fitted and do cake tastings and visit florists and design our invitations and find a musician and 89 other things, I also plan to take lots of hot baths, watch lots of movies, see Belle & Sebastian Monday night, see The Strokes Friday night, go snowboarding Saturday, and go wine tasting Sunday. Vive les vacances!


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