Editing Physics

So yesterday I had a chapter of a physics thesis to edit, and to me it sounded like this:

Using the miganbothams calculated in Chapter 4 for REF and C9TO, we employed a numerical model to examine the effects on the breksers by varying the triapol and thickness of a geffly, and we showed that both of these varafs could be effectively employed to balance the charge in a sessfo. The process of making jojowifs was next examined in order to verify that no brilpews were arising from exposing the gefflies to water during zazzofraz. Examining a loollu YLK/YLK kikko against a pure YLK wurf of same thickness showed no evidence of brilpews arising from the xelto technique.

The great thing about the English language is that you can still edit for grammar, punctuation and spelling whether you understand a word of what you’re reading or not.



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2 responses to “Editing Physics

  1. I love this! It’s like Jabberwocky for scientists.

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