Word Verification

I’m all for using word verification to avoid unwanted spam, but one friend’s blog’s word verification was so distorted that I sat there staring at it for two full minutes trying to figure out what the word was. I gave it a try and it rejected me. Fortunately, the next word it gave me was legible, although barely. It made me think about how our brains work and how far superior we (still) are to computers, advanced enough to look at a totally distorted shape and think, “Uh, yeah, that could be an ‘A’.”



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2 responses to “Word Verification

  1. This sparks a great philosophical discussion about what is AI (Aritificial Intelligence). Yeah, we’re ahead of computers in many pattern recognition applications, but it is just a matter of time before they can blog and we can’t.

    I hope this post gets through. I think they’re making me type: ajoykse

  2. This made me totally crack up. I’ve gotten those words wrong several times.

    Today’s “word” on your column: ejauck.

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