I’m curious to know how other people keep their files organized when they’re writing a book. I have a gazillion files in a gazillion different places, so today instead of writing I’m sorting through all those files, trying to see what I have and what I still have left to write. It’s overwhelming. I feel so stressed out when I see how much I’ve written, how many notes I have to sift through to sort the wheat from the chaff, how much organizing I have to do, and how much more writing I still have to do. It’s like cleaning out the basement. You know you have to do it, and you know you’ll feel a lot better once it’s finished, but the idea of delving in makes you want to go out for lunch or to the gym or read a book or anything else.



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  1. I hate to turn you on to yet another addictive writing website, but I get a lot of invaluable tips from Readerville.com.

    Recently, several published writers were discussing this very issue and mentioned that they work with something called Circus Ponies (?) http://circusponies.com/safari.aspx.

    Sandra Gulland, author of the Josephine Chronicles, says:

    “Devon is Mac software; no doubt there is something similar for PC.

    I use it to store thousands of bits and pieces: documents, PDFs, pictures, information from off the web. I can group them into files (Devon makes it easy by suggesting which files apply), but most of all I can search the collection.

    One feature I’m going to use in the final stages of my MS is its word listing feature. It will list all the words in a document and tell you how many times it shows up. If I use, say, a word like “glamorous” more than a few times, I know to replace it.

    I keep scores of 17th century documents I’ve downloaded off the net in my Devon database. Recently I searched for “pistol” to see how one might actually be used and learned quite a bit.”

  2. Thank you so much for the suggestions, Susan! I will look into Readerville, Circus Ponies and Devon. I’ve spent the entire past week sorting through my files, and although it’s been useful, I haven’t gotten any writing done this week.

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