Bye Bye Nelly

I sold my car last night. This guy called me yesterday and insisted he had to see it TODAY, then he came over and paid cash for it without test driving it. Sounds ideal, right? Until he drove it on the freeway and didn’t like how it doesn’t accelerate very fast and then called back at midnight to say he wanted his money back! We told him he had the chance to test drive it and didn’t want to, and now that the title is signed over to him, I can’t take it back. Sorry Charlie!

It feels weird to have sold my car before I have my new one. I am driving Martin’s old Saturn this week, but how nice to have gotten that overwith before the holidays. I love Craig’s List. Have I ever mentioned how much I love Craig’s List? One time I was trying to post ads from Poland and they were rejected. I thought it was ME being rejected, banned for double posting ads, and I was frantic. (It turned out to be the computer I was using that was rejected.) I can’t imagine life without Craig’s List! How would I get new students? How would I find editing jobs? How would we find new roommates? How would I sell my bread maker? How would I advertise my yard sale? How would I look for my lost cat? How would I find a used surf board? How would I sell my car? The list goes on …

I had a really hard time parting with Nelly, almost didn’t take the guy’s money. I had her for 10 years, bought her new from the Thousand Oaks Auto Mall with 23 miles on her and sold her with 148,224. She has taken me to Colorado and all over the Southwest (Zion, Bryce, Arches, Grand Canyon, Mesa Verde, Lake Powell, Monument Valley), up through Seattle to Banff, back and forth between SF and LA and SF and SB, down to San Diego and Mexico, and on many trips to Tahoe and Mendocino. I named her Nelly because that’s what my nieces were listening to on the CD player when she hit 100,000 miles three years ago. She still looked like new but the CD player, air conditioning, two windows and driver-side door spring no longer worked. I will miss her!


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