Drive-Through Starbucks?

A short-haired man in his 30s driving a maroon SUV created a new Drive-Through Starbucks today when he drove through my Starbucks at the corner of Solano and Colusa in North Berkeley. It was about 10:55 a.m. and I was just finishing the last few sentences of a chapter I was working on before I walked back to my house to wait for the Salvation Army truck, which was scheduled to arrive between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. I had my earplugs in to block out the Hear Music station they blare all day when I heard an explosion and looked up to see the doors and the windows above them imploding. I thought a bomb had gone off on the sidewalk (first London, then Berkeley) when an SUV drove into the store. It didn’t stop until it hit a wooden post. I jumped up and out of the way, sliding my Mac Powerbook out and my backpack out of the way, too, to protect them. Glass was everywhere. The car was stopped, but the wheels were still spinning, and I didn’t know if it was going to break through the post and keep going or not. As he fiddled with the controls, a woman screamed for him to stop the car. He backed up a foot, went forward a foot, then finally threw it in reverse and backed out of the store. He reversed right into the intersection and then, to our surprise, raced down Colusa and out of sight. I was too shocked to get a good enough description of him to report to the police. I did notice the color of his SUV was maroon, but didn’t get the make and there was no license plate on the front of the car. Fortunately, several people standing outside did get both the license plate number and a good look at the guy. We all stood there in shock, unsure what to do next. The Starbucks employees started handing out accident reports while several customers called 911. Within five minutes a firetruck was there and five minutes more several police cars taking statements from witnesses and heading down Colusa looking for the SUV. There was no doubt about the color – the bumper is lying on the floor of Starbucks. Of course, I got home at 11:15 to find the Salvation Army had come and gone. And now where will I go to write?


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One response to “Drive-Through Starbucks?

    That is so Spiderman 2 and Doc Ock!

    Glad you’re okay — no shards of glass piercing your skin or anything?–>

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